How To Improve Your English Knowledge?

Have you ever come across a time or a situation where you feel that your language in English is inadequate and is already making you feel less of a person among a brilliant crowd? Well, it is said that English is one of the easiest languages to grasp in the world. In fact this is one of the reasons this is the international language of the world. The English language is bound to twenty-six letters in the alphabet and is one of the easiest to remember.  

English is generally taught in the elementary and primary years of school as a beginners learning program and gradually tightens its grip around the much more important areas such as formal writing, grammar and literature in the latter stage of school life.  

There are many programs established in order to support any individual who has passion to learn the language. Regardless of whether you are a native speaker or a non-native speaker, the language establishes no barriers in your learning curve.  

There are so many ways to improve your English language. Here are some tips you may value in the future.  

Don’t be afraid 

Mistakes are common to everyone, don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Especially if you are not a non-native speaker, remember it is only a second language to you, it is natural that you make mistakes. Be confident in what you say.  

Carry out listening and reading exercises 

Utilize your free time to engage in some quality listening activity in relation to English. Read whatever reading material that comes in your hand. Hong Kong English books are not an uncommon sight, start with a book you can finish off fast and understand the content in. this will boost your likelihood in learning the language fast.  

Note your words 

You may hear or read a new word, have a note of the new words you have learnt each day and have its meaning written in front of the word and constantly read through the notes you have jotted so it will help you remember and memorize the words easily.  

Personal planning  

Plan your day accordingly, have a study plan for the day or the week. Keep your loved ones informed about the plan. It is much preferable of you can commit yourself everyday at least for thirty minutes to recap some words and phrases you have learnt. In addition give yourself a long term goal and strive to achieve this goal relentlessly.  

Think English 

If you are an enthusiast in learning English, you simply must think in English rather than think in your native tongue and translate it to English. This will definitely put you in trouble as you may find it difficult to properly translate with adequate meaning.  

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